Genesis Select Gets The Right Message To The Right People On Wall Street

Genesis Select takes a unique approach to IR – we believe the companies we represent as well as their investors and their analysts are collectively our clients. This approach means we support all the participants that comprise shareholder value. Many small and micro-cap companies are under- valued and under-followed. Genesis identifies misconceptions and reasons for valuation discrepancies, and uses that information to shape the investment story, highlighting aspects of the Company that resonate with investors. We strive to help companies deliver the strongest possible investment message to the most receptive audience.

Once we have prepared the investment presentation materials, and couch management on presentation skills and managing Q&A, we set up road shows across the country. Genesis Select targets institutional investors and prospective analysts that have a track record of building long-term relationships with small- and micro-cap companies. We operate efficiently and effectively because we have screened targets by market cap, industry sector and comparable stock ownership.

Results to be expected:

  • Increased stock ownership by institutional investors
  • Improved liquidity and reduced volatility
  • Increased market cap, which increases the number of poten-tial institutional owners of the stock
  • Increased analyst coverage with more written research
  • Higher profile with investment bankers for strategic investment and capital raising opportunities